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Lesieur-Saipol won the Competitiveness Prize for their use of VideometerLab

Lesieur-Saipol won the Competitiveness Prize for their use of VideometerLab

Automating seed and grain quality inspection is a key factor in the process of revolutionizing the FoodAg industry to nurture innovation.

The VideometerLab, for years, has been a pivotal instrument for the automation of the industry and overall innovativeness, which in turn lead the way to higher competitive advantage. Last year, Lesieur-Saipol won the Avril Groupe competitiveness prize for their use of the VideometerLab with Autofeeder, proving the major benefits that come when utilizing the system.

Lesieur-Saipol’s automation received Competitiveness Prize

Videometer thrives on satisfied and successful customers stories, one of the recent examples is the Avril Groupe Prize for Competitiveness received by our customer, Lesieur-Saipol. The company, under Avril Group, is well known for being a leader of oilseeds processing in France.

competitiveness prize videometerLab

In early 2021, Lesieur-Saipol decided to automate quality control processes of oilseed rape and sunflower with the aid of the VideometerLab with Autofeeder. Within one year the company discovered clear advantages of using the powerful spectral imaging instrument.

[The VideometerLab] project gives us the opportunity to absorb an increase of 30% samples, due to a new business in Saipol

Mickael Watiez, Responsible for the Innovation Research and Development Center

The French company is now able to process seeds not only faster but also with more precision and reproducibility… In addition, the innovative and prosperous implementation of the VideometerLab with Autofeeder in the Lesieur-Saipol’s laboratory resulted in the awarding of the Avril Group‘s annual competitiveness prize.

Oilseed rape Quality Inspection Automated

To process oilseed rape, it is crucial to determine if it meets safety and quality standards first. This step is usually conducted manually, however, this prolongs the process and may sometimes be inaccurate because of human subjectivity.

Videometer specializes in grain and seed analyses and aims at becoming a standard in this industry. The VideometerLab with Autofeeder offers a fast, automated analysis of oil and protein seeds. It measures both internal and external features of seeds. Furthermore, the AI-powered spectral imaging technology allows objectivity, reproducibility, and efficiency.

The VideometerLab with Autofeeder includes:

  • Breakdown of admixture content (inert material & foreign seeds),
  • Analysis of 50 grams sample within 5 minutes with about 1% variation,
  • Reporting and documentation both in visual format (.hips file) and in numerical format (.xls, .csv)
Oilseed rape Admixture Analysis – VideometerLab with Autofeeder


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