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Lesieur-Saipol Win Competitiveness Prize with The VideometerLab

“[The VideometerLab] project gives us the opportunity to absorb an increase of 30% samples, due to a new business in Saipol”

Mickael Watiez, Responsible for the Innovation Research and Development Center.

Competitiveness with the VideometerLab

Because of their innovative use of the VideometerLab with Autofeeder for automated quality analysis of oilseed rape (OSR) and sunflower, Lesieur and Saipol have been awarded the annual prize for competitiveness from the Avril Groupe, the corporate group they are a part of.

Mickael Watiez (on left) and Maxime Depuydt (Saipol) receiving the Avril Groupe Prize for Competitiveness.

Processing more than 3 million tons of rapeseed in 2020, Saipol is the oilseed processing leader in France. Because of its position in the industry, the company is committed to developing and innovating responsible supply chains within the sector. Such commitment and the desire to automate their oilseed rape and sunflower quality inspection, have led the Lesieur R&D Center in Coudekerque and the Saipol quality control laboratory in Dieppe to begin a project with theVideometerLab with Autofeeder in early 2021.

Avril Groupe prize for competitiveness awarded to Lesieur
and Saipol.

Lesieur-Saipol’s Benefits with the VideometerLab

The results achieved by utilizing the VideometerLab for one year established clear company benefits when performing quality inspection and analysis:

First and foremost, “[The VideometerLab] project gives us the opportunity to absorb an increase of 30% samples, due to a new business in Saipol” says Mickael Watiez, Responsible for the Innovation Research and Development Center. This means that the company is capable of processing more seeds and perform more efficient operations.

Additional efficiency is provided by the fact that the VideometerLab allows for complete automation. “It removes an onerous task from our lab technicians and allows [them] to work on other analyses, while the [VideometerLab] is completing its analysis” adds Watiez.

Finally, the instrument allows for “Better traceability of type of impurities” concludes Watiez, meaning that the analysis is not only more efficient, but also more valid and detailed in its results.

Automated Oilseed Analysis

The VideometerLab with Autofeeder allows for automated, fast and documented detection of impurities and admixture within their samples. The automated model can detect the following:

• Healthy seeds
• Sprouted seeds (for OSR)
• Inert matter
• Cereals
• Weed seeds

Overall, Lesieur and Saipol are extremely happy of the performance of the VideometerLab in their laboratories because it has demonstrated to increase productivity, reliability, and objectiveness.

Difference between OSR and Cleavers with VideometerLab sRGB and heat map. 

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