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The Automatic AI Straw Counter

The Automatic AI Straw Counter

Automatic counting with high count accuracy

  • Using multispectral vision technology and triple measuring ensures a high straw count accuracy
  • 700 straws per goblet results in 8 times higher accuracy count than by manual counting
  • A wide range of straw colours can be counted (currently 15 different colours)
  • The Automatic AI-Straw Counter counts and marks straws that are turned upside down

Specifications of Automatic AI-Straw Counter

Automatic counting does not require the handling of individual straws or cold plates. Moreover, preservation of sperm quality is possible as they are counted in liquid nitrogen. Triple counting ensures high precision and accurate straw counting.

Furthermore, documentation is provided as a counting report with batch ID, where the number of straws and time-stamp is generated for each sample. Counting results are displayed on the screen with detected straws marked, and with a special marking for upside-down straws.

Automatic AI-Straw Counter by Videometer
VideometerLab for straw counting

The Automatic AI-Straw Counter – Customer Story

A prototype was developed in 2012, based on Videometer’s patented multispectral vision technology. Since then, the instrument has already been sold to many countries.

In 2012-13, comprehensive tests were carried out at VikingGenetics in Denmark, in order to compare the Automatic AI-Straw Counter with the traditional manual counting process.

Customer Testimonial

The Automatic AI-Straw Counter from Videometer A/S has given us very precise and accurate counting of straws which is essential for our customers, both on our domestic markets and for our export to more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition to this we have improved our work environment and avoided negative effect on straw quality
by limiting manual handling of straws. By using The Automatic AI-Straw Counter from Videometer A/S VikingGenetics expects to release two years work for other more valuable tasks in our laboratories.

Søren Borchersen – Head R&D, VikingGenetics, Denmark
Automatic AI-Straw Counter at VikingGenetics
automatic ai straw counter


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