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seed technology symposium

Meet us at Seed Meets Technology 2022

Meet us at Seed Meets Technology 2022. Learn about the digitalization of seeds with cloud databases and the benefits of said technology.

Videometer SeedLab

DENSO invites Videometer at AUTOMATIK Expo

DENSO Robotics invited Videometer to showcase the Videometer SeedLab system – an automated physical seed and grain sorter.

Practical Digital Tools for Seed Quality Determination

Seed quality determination can be enhanced with digital tools such as spectral imaging, AI and machine learning. Read all about it.

Videometer Aids the Inspection of Seeds Worldwide

Our technology helps IITA ensure food security by identifying and keeping track of Genebank Storage of African Crops.

colloboration and frienship Videometer Newsletter

A spring of new products and applications – Videometer Quarterly Newsletter

The new Videometer quarterly newsletter is out! Learn about the new products, new applications, and more!

How to test alfalfa seed vigor in a non-destructive way?

One of the key indicators of seed health is its vigor. Learn how spectral imaging effectively measures this metric in alfalfa seed.

CHAP Welcomes The Videometer SeedLab

The Videometer SeedLab is now available at CHAP.
Read how the system will revolutionize work at the laboratories and enhance seed testing.

corn kernels

Detection of aflatoxin-contaminated maize seeds

How to check if the food is safe? Why detecting aflatoxin in food is crucial? The new study shows how VideometerLab analyses corn kernels.

Meet us at ANUGA FoodTec, April 26th – 29th in Cologne, Germany

Visit the Videometer booth at the largest global food fair – ANUGA FoodTec. Learn how spectral imaging can aid food quality control!

Spectral Imaging Discriminates Varieties of Eggplant Seeds

A new research paper shows how spectral imaging together with machine learning can discriminate eggplant seed varieties.