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CHAP Welcomes The Videometer SeedLab

CHAP Welcomes The Videometer SeedLab

The Videometer SeedLab with its enhanced seed analysis and classification is now available at the CHAP Digital Phenotyping Lab.
At CHAP, the system will be “[…] a valuable addition to the imaging technology […] available at the Digital Phenotyping Lab […]” explains Faye McDiarmid, CHAP’s Research Assistant. The system will aid research activities by offering an integrated solution for seed and grain analysis. Moreover, the SeedLab will enhance CHAP’s collaborations in a broad range of research projects by allowing for a one-of-a-kind analysis of seeds and grains, not otherwise available on the market.

Kristian Ryder Thomsen (left), Vision Developer at Videometer and Tom Ashfield (right), Senior Scientific Specialist at CHAP exploring the Videometer SeedLab functionalities.

The system’s features

The system is a turnkey solution, that completely automates seed analysis. The Videometer SeedLab is, in fact, driven by spectral imaging, advanced multivariate statistics and machine learning algorithms that are capable of automatically inspecting, analyzing, classifying, and sorting different seeds.

The Videometer SeedLab incorporates different elements that fully automate seed inspection. The analysis begins with a funnel for the insertion of the products, which are subsequently transported on a belt under the VideometerLab spectral imaging instrument. The products are then inspected and classified “digitally”. Once graded, a pick and place robot physically sorts the seeds based on their classification into different delivery containers.


Additionally, the Videometer SeedLab allows for high customization: with this system, it’s not only possible to personalize delivery bins and suction cups, but you can also customize your classification models so that they are tailored for your products’ needs. Moreover, it is possible to add the multi fluorescence option, which allows for example to detect mycotoxins or the front-light option, so to better inspect the topography of the seeds surface.

Revolutionizing the seed industry

The Videometer SeedLab has the potential of revolutionizing the seed industry, starting at CHAP, where  Faye McDiarmid states “We’re excited to be able to offer this as part of collaborative projects.”

Learn more at videometer.com/videometer-seedlab/or contact us to get more information.


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