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Potato Strip – Food Quality Control with Videometer

Potato Strip – Food Quality Control with Videometer

Why Food Quality Control is important?

Food Quality Control is crucial in everyday lives. Food control concerns around food safety, authenticity, and more. In addition, quality control is conducted both in production lines and in laboratories. These processes aid customers to consume safe and healthy food.

Governmental bodies, as well as private laboratories, check the quality of food and feed in order to ensure they satisfy consumers’ demands and safety regulations. Furthermore, quality assessment can stand for checking freshness, moisture, admixture, authentication, and more.

Spectral Imaging & Food Quality Control

Spectral imaging allows having more advanced exploration in various areas, one of them being Food and Feed. Videometer aids customers with highly advanced analysis, for example, food safety, authentication, or adulteration. Moreover, VideometerLab can be adjusted for customers’ needs.

Potato Strip Analysis

Potato strips can be analyzed in various ways:

  • Peel residue detection
  • Greeniness
  • Rustiness
  • Light bruises
  • Strip size, color, shape etc.

In the VideometerLab, customers can build their own database of virtual strips in high spectral and spatial resolution and define quality classes. Furthermore, this can be used to detect impurities and other defects in potatoes. This technology can be applied in any production or R&D laboratory, where potatoes are used as ingredients in the food supply chain. Such a database can be transferred from one location to another.

Videometer with its technology provides a very effective way to define potato strip quality. 


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