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Mapping Chlorophyll A and B – Plant Imaging

Mapping Chlorophyll A and B – Plant Imaging

Mapping Chlorophyll A and B is important in measuring a plant’s health status. Further, plant imaging is a combination of phenotyping and other analysis with the use of spectral imaging.

It is a new area of Agriculture Science, that is constantly evolving. Analysis with spectral imaging enables us to see more than with the human eye, using numerous wavelengths under RGB, nCDA, and Grayscale.

Plant Imaging with Videometer

Videometer’s instrument has an additional emission filter changer which makes it possible to map different types of fluorescence. One important type of fluorescence in plant and seed analysis is chlorophyll A fluorescence and chlorophyll B fluorescence.

Chlorophyll A With Fluorescence Mapping in Tomato Seeds

The image shows two tomato seed samples after chlorophyll A fluorescence mapping.

The sample to the left has a low level of chlorophyll and the sample to the right has a high level of chlorophyll.

Level of chlorophyll A in tomato seeds - Fluorescence Mapping
Level of chlorophyll a in tomato seeds – Fluorescence Mapping

With the VideometerLab, the difference in fluorescence can be assessed quite clearly and can be easily combined with reflectance spectral imaging providing a simultaneous abundance map of chlorophyll, and, additionally, many other relevant seed properties, such as size, shape, texture, and color features.

Mapping Chlorophyll a and b in soybean leaves with VideometerLab

This research explores how spectral imaging can aid in determining chlorophyll levels in soybean leaves in a non-destructive manner. In addition, it depicts that VideometerLab can be also utilized in detecting other biochemical components in plants.

The detailed analysis shows that spectral imaging technology is suitable for examining leaves, with the usage of emission filter change.

Mapping Chlorophyll A and B in soybean leaves with spectral imaging
Mapping Chlorophyll A and B in soybean leaves


Pan, WJ., Wang, X., Deng, YR. et al. Nondestructive and intuitive determination of circadian chlorophyll rhythms in soybean leaves using multispectral imagingSci Rep 5, 11108 (2015).


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