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Potato Quality Assessment with spectral imaging in UV/Vis/NIR

Potato Quality Assessment with spectral imaging in UV/Vis/NIR

By using multispectral imaging, the instrument can detect various defects and contaminants that are not visible to the human eye. This technology is particularly useful for food producers and processors, as it enables them to conduct fast and non-destructive quality assessments on a large scale. Videometer is focusing its efforts on improving food safety and quality controls.

One of the examples of quality inspection on food is shown on potatoes. They can be assessed by:

  • greeniness
  • sprouting
  • pathogens
  • bruises and cracks

Discover more from the Potato Quality Inspection presentation.

Moreover, Spectral imaging can also be applied to food safety and authentication. For instance, it can be used to detect the presence of pathogens, pesticides, and other contaminants that can pose a risk to human health. In addition, it can be used to authenticate food products by identifying their unique spectral fingerprints. This technology is crucial for preventing food fraud and ensuring that consumers get what they pay for.

Potato quality analysis

Spectral imaging in food area

Videometer works towards the second Sustainable Development Goal to ensure zero hunger and food safety. We work constantly to develop new solutions to assess and detect:

  • adulteration
  • authentication
  • food spoilage
  • mislabelling
  • contamination
  • quality inspection

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