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How to detect frozen-then-thawed meat?

How to detect frozen-then-thawed meat?

In the last decades, the focus on food safety has been rising. One of the common issues seen on the market is food fraud. Fraud detection has become a major priority for food authorities, from an economic and food safety standpoint. The Agricultural University of Athens has published an article exploring ways of identifying frozen-then-thawed minced beef labeled as fresh in a rapid, large-scale, and cost-effective way.

How to detect food fraud with spectral imaging?

The university decided to conduct research to check if it is possible to find out if the minced beef labeled as fresh is actually what it states to be. In the experiment, they used Videometer technology which has shown a 100% overall correct classification for identifying frozen-then-thawed minced beef labeled as fresh. VideometerLab allows rapid analysis with an accurate method.

Furthermore, using a VideometerLab they obtain a 100% overall correct classification for test and external validation MSI data.

Videometer technology frozen-then-thawed

Food safety measurements

Videometer is working towards making more solutions to ensure that the food is safe for its customers. Our technology can assess more than what is visible to a human eye, using chemical and physical features of the sample allows more accurate judgment. We specialise in the seed & grain sector by analysing their purity, health, treatment, and more. With the VideometerLab Autofeeder option, the batch of samples can be larger with a vibrator that distributes granular materials

Furthermore, VideometerLab can be also used for other food products, such as fish, meat, fruits & vegetable. Learn more about spectral imaging solutions for food security and safety.


Ropodi, A. I., Panagou, E. Z., & Nychas, G. J. E. (2018). Rapid detection of frozen-then-thawed minced beef using multispectral imaging and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Meat Science, 135, 142–147.


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