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How to assess Fruit Firmness? – Videometer Resources

How to assess Fruit Firmness? – Videometer Resources

Fruit firmness is a measurement used around the world. It helps with ensuring the ripeness of fruit, vegetables, as well as, to detect any deteriorating causes in production.

The most basic way to assess fruit firmness is to squeeze the fruit. However, looking at a large number of fruits in the production lines, it is not the most effective way to check the quality.

Hence, new technology such as spectral imaging is more and more visible in laboratories and in-line productions sites.

Fruit Firmness by Spectral Imaging

Spectral imaging allows seeing what the human eye is not able to capture. Hence, this technology is common for analysis in a fast, accurate, and non-destructive way.

Videometer technology is a combination of spectral imaging and machine learning. This allows the user to analyze their fruits by their firmness.

A user of Videometer’s technology is able to distinguish the mature and ripe fruits with firmness analysis. nCDA score images are used to differentiate between good and bad fruits/vegetables. The soft ones are colored red, whereas the blue ones are firm.

Fruit Firmness Analysis with Spectral Imaging
Fruit Firmness Analysis with Spectral Imaging

Fruit firmness can be conducted on cranberries, strawberries, and any other firm food. The analysis with spectral imaging will ensure that there is no mechanical damage while conducting the quality check, as its method is non-destructive.

Read more about Videometer’s area of application – fruits and vegetables – to learn about other measurements and analyses you can do using spectral imaging, such as freshness or purity.


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