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Fluorescence Filter Changer available as an add-on for VideometerLab 3

Fluorescence Filter Changer available as an add-on for VideometerLab 3

A new emission filter changer is now available as an option for VideometerLab!

Why such filter changer?

The inclusion of a filter changer in VideometerLab’s spectral imaging system serves a crucial purpose in expanding its capabilities and applications. By combining reflectance and fluorescence spectra into a single spectral image cube, the instrument enables a significant advancement in the mapping of surface chemistry. This advancement has wide-ranging implications for various industries, including food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

wheat filter change

More accurate analysis

In the realm of plants and seeds, the measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence, in conjunction with reflectance spectra, offers valuable insights into their health and physiological state. The presence of other plant fluorophores further enhances the analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the plant’s biochemical composition and functional processes. This information is instrumental in optimizing agricultural practices, monitoring plant health, and enhancing crop productivity.

Moreover, the integration of fluorescence analysis expands the capabilities of VideometerLab to include the detection of microbiological contaminants. Fluorogenic detection methods enable the visualization and quantification of specific fluorescent markers, allowing for the rapid and sensitive identification of microbial pathogens in various samples. This capability is particularly significant in ensuring the safety and quality of food products and pharmaceutical preparations.

In addition to fluorogenic detection, VideometerLab also supports chromogenic detection, leveraging its established capabilities for color analysis. Thus the application span may now be greatly increased with the use of fluorogenic and/or chromogenic media.

Learn more about Fluorescence Option and see the application examples


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