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VideometerLab for Forensics

VideometerLab for Forensics

Forensics Application - Videometer
Forensics with Videometer

Forensics Application

Forensic solutions are a growing field within spectral imaging and VideometerLab is used for an increasing number of applications like detection of e.g. blood, semen, saliva, hairs directly on paper, fabrics, leather, and other complex and heterogeneous materials.

Spectral imaging allows seeing more than a naked human eye can, hence this technology is of high importance for forensics. It detects and tracks what was not possible before.

VideometerLab 4 may also be used to detect and enhance fingerprints directly or using techniques based on ninhydrin, 1,8-Diazafluoren-9-one (DFO), etc. In general, VideometerLab 4 will be well suited in applications using chromogenic markers or fluorophores.

Another Videometer instrument that can be used for this application is Videometer MultiRay – it works great for measurements of gloss and texture.

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Videometer present at IACP 2014

IACP 2014 is the 121st Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition.

Videometer partner, Neutec Group, will exhibit VideometerLab 4 for forensic applications at booth 517 in Orlando, Florida, on Oct. 25-28.


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