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Pili kernel Phenotyping through color descriptors

Pili kernel Phenotyping through color descriptors

What is phenotyping? How to phenotype through color descriptors? Videometer will explain this with the example of pili kernels. The new study ”Systematic establishment of color descriptor states through image-based phenotyping” depicts how spectral imaging and machine learning have been used in the analysis.

What is phenotyping?

Phenotyping refers to visible traits of seeds or other organisms. It concerns the physicality and morphology of the object. The area of use for phenotyping are mainly biology and biochemistry. In addition, phenotyping is vital in crop processing to improve, for instance, seeds or grains. Moreover, a better understanding of agriculture and innovation of crop models is another advantage of the analysis.

Comparisons between characteristics, traits, or environmental conditions are one of the ways to utilize phenotype data or modeling. Hence, the research area is an ever-increasing study, as it has high demand and aids in the improvement of crop production.

How to phenotype through color descriptors?

One of the ways of determining phenotype is looking at the genotype’s color. An object’s colors tend to be a good indication of its characteristics. However, in many cases, these color differences are difficult to distinguish by the naked human eye solely. Hence, various imaging solutions are in use in laboratories to aid this process.

Spectral imaging and phenotyping

Videometer is the industry’s leader in multispectral imaging with a wide selection of applications. One of these applications is phenotyping, which is performed with the aid of the VideometerLab. With its 20 wavelength bands, the VideometerLab assists users in color descriptors for phenotyping. Hence, the analysis can be provided in nCDA, RGB, and Grayscale.

Hyperspectral imaging of pili nuts phenotyping, Videometer
Hyperspectral imaging of pili nuts phenotyping

Phenotyping of pili nuts through color descriptors using spectral imaging

Pili trees (Canarium ovatum) have been used for phenotyping by image-based solutions in a recent scientific article. Pili kernels are cultivated in the Philippines, as edible nuts. Multispectral imaging is utilized in the color descriptor analysis which is shown in ”Systematic establishment of color descriptor states through image-based phenotyping”. Learn more about the results and techniques used here.


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