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How to optimise Seed Processing?

How to optimise Seed Processing?

What is seed processing?

In the agriculture world, this process involves cleaning, drying, treatment, and ensuring quality by, for example, taking out inert material or broken seeds. Seed processing is either conducted manually by visual inspection or with an automated instrument.

Seed processing is crucial for the food industry, this step allows the food production companies to make sure their end product consists of high-quality seeds. The quality of seeds impacts the end product for example rice or wheat quality.

Furthermore, the quality of the seeds highly impacts the price of this raw material. Hence seed buyers expect to receive ”the seed value” for the price they are charged for. Seed quality control is usually performed by seed breeders, food processing companies, as well as traders.

Seed processing automation

Videometer collaborates with Westrup A/S and Chalmers University on using Videometer spectral imaging technology. The collaboration will work towards optimising gravity tables for seed and cereal sorting.

SAGT aims at developing a new generation of gravity separators, which are real-time self-adjustable, according to the type of crop.

This collaboration works to improve accuracy in the quality control of seeds and grain.

Videometer technology for seed industry

Seed imaging is revolutionising the current seed industry – it is faster, more precise, and documented. Spectral imaging allows distinguishing chemical, physical features which are otherwise not visible to a naked human eye.

videometerlab autofeeder corn seed crop quality inspection
VideometerLab Autofeeder

VideometerLab Autofeeder allows the user to perform quality control of their seeds within seconds. The Autofeeder option together with the VideometerLab System provides a high throughput multispectral analysis instrument for granular samples. The instrument is automated with the belt where the seeds are constantly separated to ensure the most accurate result.

Our highly advanced technology will assist you with analyses of:

  • Seed Health
  • Seed Purity
  • Germination and Vigor
  • Seed Treatement


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