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Automated Malting Barley Quality Inspection – Viking Malt

Automated Malting Barley Quality Inspection – Viking Malt

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At Videometer, we believe that learning from our customers helps us further advance our solutions.

We recently gathered a customer story from Viking Malt in Vordingborg. The malthouse has been using our spectral imaging technology for over 10 years to screen their incoming barley.

The malthouse technicians oversee the examination of malting barley – if it is complying with the standard of the European Brewery Convention and if it is safe for its customers. Previously, they would do it manually by looking at each kernel from the sample. This traditional process was causing subjective inspections.

Using an automated solution allows them to have a precise malting barley quality inspection in a much shorter time. VideometerLab with Autofeeder not only streamlines the process but also produces documented valid results.

Measuring the quality parameters of granular products is important for further production and processing. Our technology, based on spectral imaging, allows you to analyse malting barley in a fast, automated, and non-destructive way.

Automated Malting Barley Quality Control at VikingMalt

The Videometer Software reports numerous quality parameters, such as:

  • Fusarium spp.
  • Mold-infected kernels
  • Skinning
  • Broken kernels
  • Foreign seeds
  • Immature kernels
  • Inert material

The results are shown and saved immediately and automatically for ease-of-use and documentation.

Learn how Videometer’s technology allows precise and automated analysis for incoming barley quality inspection at VikingMalt malthouse.


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