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Videometer and the Sustainable Development Goals

Videometer and the Sustainable Development Goals

For quite a few years Videometer has been aiding companies worldwide in ensuring the quality, safety and health of their products across their value chains. This entails the need for responsible efforts towards our customers and stakeholders.

Videometer is active in the pursuit of multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals. Basically, we agree with and care for all 17 goals, some of them will be emphasized here:

Goal 2 – Zero hunger: Videometer operates among others in the food and agricultural sector. Our efforts focus on the assurance of food quality, safety, and authenticity, aiding companies worldwide in the provision of healthy goods.

Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth: Videometer embraces diversity among its employees, avoiding discrimination of any sorts. The well-being of all employees is cared for with extra health insurance, including psychological aid for those in crisis situations, ergonomic facilities, suitable working tools for each specific function, individual development plans. A full pension plan is provided to all salaried employees. Quality meetings are held yearly with the aim of improving the work-environment, tasks and ensuring quality control throughout all activities within the firm. All employees are required to attend the yearly quality day. The point is made regarding development process with analysis-synthesis-evaluation methods. 

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production: we aid our clients in the development of more sustainable practices for production. We have developed instruments, which among others measure soil water potential, the counterfeiting of medical products, or the presence of invasive roots in agricultural grounds. These applications have been the trigger for a more conscious and sustainable production, which can be withheld in the long-term by our customers. We monitor our CO2 emissions with the Climate Compass tool.

Goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals: We have undertaken a series of EU and National-funded partnerships that strengthen our sustainability efforts. In total, over the years, we have partnered with institutional players worldwide for a number of 10 projects. Today, we are partners in a total of four projects, collaborating with universities and industrial partners for the assurance of food safety, quality control and inspection across value-chains: DiTECT, TraceMyFish, Exchequer and AMUSE. In addition, as a company, we support the Red Cross non-profit with a yearly membership.

You can read more about our pursuits at: www.videometer.com/about-us


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