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Three-day Classifier Design Tool (CDT) and Blob Tool Masterclass at Videometer

Three-day Classifier Design Tool (CDT) and Blob Tool Masterclass at Videometer

From May 6th to May 9th, 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting users of the VideometerLab at our headquarters for a special three-day Classifier Design Tool (CDT) and Blob Tool Masterclass.

The participants of the course arrive from companies and genebanks across the world, including countries such as Denmark, South Korea, Morocco, Nigeria and Iran.

The course is structured in different modules, where users learn about different functionalities of the VideometerLab with Autofeeder system, VideometerLab and CDT software, which aids in the creation of customized algorithms and models tailored for seed and grain analyses.

The first day is focused on the use of the system and image capturing. Day two looks into the fundamentals of the CDT software, including the basic navigation of the platform and the use of color features and transformation for classifier development.

The final day delves into shape, texture and contour features and advanced functionalities of the software, where users can fine tune their settings for maximal accuracy.

All three days are supported with individual consulting by Videometer engineers Karsten Hartelius and Christian Thyssen.

Overall, the participants feel like they will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in their day-to-day operations.

The masterclass is held twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Autumn. Dates are determined together with Videometer instructors, based on availability and demand. You can both purchase the masterclass or the company masterclass on the Videometer Webstore https://shop.videometer.com/products/blob-masterclass?variant=48086054207830 https://shop.videometer.com/collections/training-modules/products/three-day-classifier-design-tool-and-blob-tool-company-course?variant=48087036002646

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