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Sales Partners

For Our Sales Partners

We have gathered some information for you here that is only available for sales partners.
Our aim is to have this page updated with the newest marketing materials to help you increase your Videometer instrument sale.

If you need anything that is not here please let us know by contacting us at
Please, be aware to resell service contracts to your customers. It is very valuable for the customers to always have access to the newest VideometerLab software which they will get in service agreement Level 1: Silver and above.


We have created a dedicated page for you on the My Videometer portal, where you’ll be able to download all the marketing material you need! 
Find Videometer Academy, Datasheets, Tutorials and more on this page and easily download them to your devices to share with your clients and stakeholders. 
By clicking on the button below, you will automatically access the page to make your downloads. 

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In Development

The current projects and instruments in development are the following: 

Videometer SeedLab

Integration of the VideometerLab Autofeeder with a pick and place robot, that automatically sorts your seeds and grains based on their classification. 


A wireless, portable Instrument with seven wavelengths, which can be used for quality control anywhere, at any time. 

Software Version 3.22

Launch of new software version with features such as: segmentation builder 2, multi-lingual set-up, MiniLab integration, SeedLab Integration, Spectra Database. 

Save the Date

The upcoming tradeshows, conventions and conferences where Videometer will be participating include:  


ANUGA FoodTec is the biggest international trade fair for the food and beverage industry. It is held every 3 years in a different international city. Videometer will participate as exhibitor in the upcoming ANUGA FoodTec event.
Cologne, Germany 

April 26th-April 29th 2022
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IASIM is the international conference for spectral imaging, which is held every 2 years by the Internation Association for Spectral Imaging. Videometer will participate in quality of sponsor in the upcoming IASIM event.  
Esbjerg, Denmark

July 3rd-July 6th 2022
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Partnerships & Research Projects

The current research projects Videometer is partaking in are the following:


Research project focused on food safety and traceability throughout Europe and China.
EU funded
November 2020 – November 2023
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Research project focused on seafood quality ensurance throughout the supply chain.
EU – IFD funded
November 2021- November 2023
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Research project focused on the monitoring of cheese manufacturing processes. 
IFD funded
May 2021 – May 2024
No website available


Focus on food powder characterization technology and shelf life prediction.
IFD funded
April 2022 – April 2026
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