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Author: Katarzyna Sokolowska

Determining Seed-borne Fungi in Cowpea

Read how you can determine seed-borne fungi in cowpea using spectral imaging. The new research concludes on technology.

Snapshot 3D Surface Inspection of metal parts

Watch video showing and explaining how VideometerLine assists with surface inspection and 3D measurements.

Seed Health – VideometerLab detects seed-borne fungi

VideometerLab is able to analyze seed health in a fast, non-destructive, and accurate way. Learn more from the peer-to-peer article.


Growth stimulation measured by PhenoLab using Multispectral Imaging

Learn how multispectral imaging can be used in water use efficiency. This article explores the collaboration of Videometer and PhenoLab.

Maca adulteration detected with VideometerLab

VideometerLab can detect maca root adulteration. The new research paper shows the results of the analysis with spectral imaging technology.

Quality Assessment of fresh-cut pineapple

Food application is one of the areas Videometer is working in. Read about the paper showing VideometerLab aiding an assessment of the quality of fresh-cut pineapple.

How to detect water status in dried mushrooms?

Detection of water status in dried mushrooms with spectral image acquisition. Discover how Videometer can assist you…

Seed Purity – Differentiation of alfa-alfa and sweet clover seeds

Check how VideometerLab is able to discriminate between sweet clover seeds and alfalfa seeds.

Invitation to Blob Tool & CDT Workshop

Join our workshop to learn how to use and utilize Classifier Design Tool and Blob Tool. Learn from our CTO, Karsten Hartelius.

Videometer summit 2020

Videometer Summit 2020

Videometer Summit took place in January 2020. It was a whole day meeting where global sales team of Videometer gathered to exchange their experiences on customer satisfaction.