Basic module 3: IPT, MSI, and Blob Toolboxes - an introduction

Prerequisites: VideometerLab software is installed on the PC. The VideometerLab is connected to the PC and both are turned on. The PC is connected to the internet, user is logged in, and a Microsoft Teams session has been set up.

Tutorials and howto documents are avaiable on ftp. We encourage you to visit these before the training and revisit after the training. 

This module typically includes:

  1. IPT menu: Image Processing Toolbox

    1. Frame operations. Simple pixelwise operations performed band by band.

      1. Algebra. Adding, subtracting, dividing etc. image bands.

      2. Center image. Make the mean of each band zero by subtracting the mean.

      3. Normalize image. Make mean 0 and stdev 1 of each band by subtracting mean and dividing by stdev.

      4. Normalize image Min/Max 2 bands. Linearly scale bands such that one specific band is 0 and another specific nband is 1.

      5. Fix bad values. NaN and extreme values set to valid pixel values.

    2. Background correction. Correct for uneven background by subtracting a lowpass filtered version of the image. Usually this is done for images with uneven illumination (not from VideometerLab) and for images where fine scale texture is measured after removing coarse scale variation.

    3. Filtering. A selection of image filters for smoothing, edge and line detection, and matched filters.

    4. Morphology. A selection of morphological filters opering on local shape characteristics.

    5. Segmentation. Threshold segmentation for making a decision on what is foreground and what is background. Also segmentation for ridges (Hessian) and along watershed lines.

  2. MSI menu: Multispectral Imaging Toolbox. Building spectral fingerprints, transformations and segmentations

    1. ​Transformation builder

      1. ​nCDA

      2. nMahalanobis

      3. MNF

    2. Segmentation builder

      1. ​Simple Threshold segmentations

      2. Separating touching objects

      3. Filtering blobs

    3. Segmentation sequence builder

  3. Blobs menu: Working with binary labelled objects (blobs) in the blob toolbox

    1. .Blobs and blob collections

    2. Extracting blobs

    3. Class manager

    4. Feature manager

    5. Load and save blob collections

    6. Reporting and exporting

    7. Classifiers - buld classifier button

  4. Try all the above tools on different images.

Videometer Preview