Basic module 1: VideometerLab imaging - getting started

Please have a look at the Pre module before starting on Module 1. 

A general overview for the first training module, we will go through

  1. Validation of correct installation of the VideometerLab 
  2. General walkthrough, introduction to the software, where to get help, safety and maintenance instructions
  3. How to do a calibration 
  4. How to do a proper Light Setup 
  5. How to handle VideometerLab images 

In the following the above 5 points will be elaborated further. Together with each headline follows a small video. These videos will summarise what you will (and have learned) in the training module, and they can be used as either preparation or repetition for the training module.  

1: Validation of installation (No video for this part – done only during live training session)
Check that the VideometerLab is installed properly. That the instrument can be initialized and take high quality images.  

2: General walkthrough 
Walkthrough of the instrument hardware, safety and maintenance. You will be introduced to the Help menu, where you can find safety instructions, manuals, etc. We will look into the File menu, including compression settings and Workspaces. How to use the Windows menu will also be explained. Lastly, some general information about maintenance and controlling the movement of the instrument will be touched upon. 

3: Calibration
We will during the first training module make a calibration of the VideometerLab, and carefully explain options, checks, and policies more carefully.
IMPORTANT: Be aware, that the white calibration plate is extra sensitive to dirt and grease. Never touch the white paint on the plate, and only clean it with particle free air as shown in the video. 

4: Light setup 
How to perform the best possible and very essential light setups will also carefully be explained and showed. As a result, you will be able to acquire the best image results. 

5: Right-click image menu 
When you have acquired your first multispectral images, we will look into the right-click menu of your images. Here the following functionalities are accessible: 

  • Extracting image properties 
  • Zooming 
  • Scaling of images 
  • Band selection 
  • View modes 
  • Advanced options