Videometer Academy Training Modules

Welcome to Videometer Academy. Once you receive your VideometerLab device you will, in agreement with Videometer, decide on time and dates for your four Training Modules. The training will be done remotely using Microsoft Teams. It is possible to record the training session for later use and for training of new users of the VideometerLab. 

A more detailed description of the content for the initial four Basic Training Modules is found below. Under each Training Module a brief overview of the content is given. Included is also small videos going through the listed content, showing how to operate and use the VideometerLab and software. These can either be reviewed after the training modules or watched as a preparation prior to the training.

Before starting the first Training Module, read through the information and watch the videos under the Pre Training Module:
Pre module: Setting up the VideometerLab + An introduction to the basics of Multispectral Imaging with Videometer
The videos will guide you through how to unpack the VideometerLab, how to do the installation and go over the basics of multispectral imagaing with Videometer. It is a prerequisite that the VideometerLab software is installed on your training PC. If training involves image acquisition then the VideometerLab has to be connected to the PC and both have to be turned on. The PC has been connected to the internet, user is logged in, and a Microsoft Teams session has been set up. A Microsoft Teams invitation will be in the meeting request from Videometer.

The following learning modules have been designed for two hour on-line sessions each:

Basic Training Modules

  1. Basic module 1: VideometerLab imaging - getting started
  2. Basic module 2: VideometerLab Toolbar and Image Tools
  3. Basic module 3: IPT, MSI, and Blob Toolboxes - an introduction
  4. Basic module 4: Session Manager - designing automated workflows


It is possible to purchase extra training modules at an Intermediate and Expert level for more specialized and in depth Videometer applications. 

Intermediate level learning modules

  1. Intermediate module 1: MSI Toolbox - building MSI libraries
  2. Intermediate module 2: Blob Toolbox - working effectively with blobs
  3. Intermediate module 3: Session Model Builder - building statistical models on VideometerLab session data
  4. Intermediate module 4: Autofeeder - working with larger samples of granular products (requires Autofeeder hardware)
  5. Intermediate module 5: Backlight - working with backlights (requires brightfield and/or darkfield backlight)
  6. Intermediate module 6: VideometerLiq - acquisition planning and creating storyboards
  7. Intermediate module 7: Script Tool - design your own modules in C#
  8. Intermediate module 8: Intermediate hands-on training 1
  9. Intermediate module 9: Intermediate hands-on training 2

Expert level learning modules

  1. Expert module 1: CDT 1 - classifier  design tool bronze
  2. Expert module 2: CDT 1 - classifier  design tool silver
  3. Expert module 3: CDT 1 - classifier  design tool gold
  4. Expert module 4: Advanced MSI - in depth nCDA, nMahalanobis, MNF/PCA
  5. Expert module 5: Fluorescence imaging - working with the filter changer (requires filter changer hardware)
  6. Expert module 6: Advanced hands-on training 1
  7. Expert module 7: Advanced hands-on training 2

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