How to get support

If you experience any issue with a Videometer product please check our troubleshooting guide and knowledgebase. You need to be logged in to our website to access the knowledgebase and troubleshooting guide.

If there are still issues then contact us by mail or phone using the contact information in the footer below or on the Contact Us page. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Your name, affiliation, and contact information.
  2. Product identification (Product tag or serial number) and version of software (press "Help->About"), if using videometerlab software you should preferable include all logfiles
  3. How and when does the issue express itself? Use Windows "Snipping tool" or "Snip & Sketch" app to make screen capture, and mail error messages.
  4. Can you reproduce the issue? Make a complete power cycle (turn off Videometer system and computer and start up again), then provide the exact steps to arrive at the issue.
  5. Was anything changed just before the issue started occurring? Any hardware changes? Any operating system changes or updates? Any changes in permissions or network by your IT department? Any change of user?
  6. If you are using the VideometerLab software then submit the issue with a description if prompted, or use "Help->Collect Support Information" (aka System Footprint in older software releases) to get a complete status of the issue and mail the generated zip-file to us.

TeamViewer is the software we use to see your screen and to control the instrument. Do not install your own version of TeamViewer as it is built into the VideometerLab software. TeamViewer is started by providing ID and pin to our support line. To get ID and pin you go to "Help->Internet Resources->Videometer Remote Support" in the VideometerLab software or if this is not possible then you download the TeamViewer application under Downloads below. If you start TeamViewer and do not get an ID and pin, then your IT may have blocked TeamViewer and they should devise an alternative way to share your screen.

If your issue is about VideometerLab instrument or software please follow our VideometerLab troubleshooting guide.


Visit the Downloads sections to download our imageviewer or other programs.

Knowledge base

View our Knowledge base for guides and information regarding use of our instruments and software

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