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Information about what data is shared with videometer when enabling telemetry can be found here.

Help in the User Manual

If an issue occurs with your equipment, please follow the directions in the VideometerLab software under Help -> User Manual.


Q1) I am not able to acquire images all the time or sometimes

I get error messages such as: Capture Error: GrabberReturnedError_MissingPackets, Missing frames
For JAI camera (series 3 or earlier), ensure 'GigE Network adapter setup' in GigE JAI Camera Setup.pdf has been followed. We recomend the following power configuration for stable image acqusition: Windows Power Settings 1.0.pdf

Read about our instrument-telemetry policy (information shared with videometer to improve our software): Instrument-telemetry

Q2) I need support with my software since operation 'X' fails

A2.1) In case an algorithm does not work as expected, you are welcome to contact us regarding the issue, in most cases this can be fixed either by another algorithm or by tuning the parameters
A2.2) For errors a dialog should appear to transmit error data to our bugtracking system, if the error is critical for daily usage then please write to us and we will prioritize according to the service contract associated with the instrument.
A2.3) If the instrument PC is not connected to the internet or no dialog appears, it is required to send the data manually.

Q3) The VideometerLab software could not be installed

Please confirm that you have administrator rights in the VideometerLab pc. Then check the disk space as the installation and Instrument Calibration requires minimum 1 GB of free disk space.

Please make sure that there is no old version of the software installed or running at the installation pc. You may remove any VideometerLab by selecting:

  • "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs"
  • Try the installation again
Q4) Where can I find and download the newest VideometerLab software

Please make sure that you have internet access.

  • Open your current VideometerLab software and select Help -> Internet resources -> Videometer ftp download 
  • In the opened folder window double click on Software -> VideometerLab
  • Double click on the folder with largest numbers "x.x" in the foldername "VideometerLab_v_ x.x"
  • Double click on the installer file with the largest numbers "x.x.x" named VMLabInstaller-x64_vx.x.x.????.msi 
  • Open the downloaded installer file and follow the wizard

Click here to see an instructional video.

Q5) The light does not flash but one color is constantly on

This light is normally a result of a communication error between the pc and the VideometerLab. Please follw the description in the VideometerLab software under Help -> User Manual. 

Q6) Why is the spere not completely dark in the stand-by mode?

Some diodes may send out light when the instrument is powered but the VideometerLab application is not running. This is expected and ensures stable temperature of the LED's.

Q7) The VideometerLab cannot be calibrated

If it is the first time the VideometerLab is calibrated, please check that you have at least 1 GB free disk space on the drive where the software is installed - usually the C drive.

If the VideometerLab software reports an error, please make sure that the calibration plates are used in the correct order and that they are clean and without any damages.

Follow the description in the VideometerLab software under Help -> User Manual. If the problem persists, please report the problem to us.