In-line QC

High performance in-line vision-based measurements


The VideometerLine is an in-line implementation of spectral imaging modules, 3D imaging modules, and/or multiray modules in the production line.

Key Features: Robust imaging colorimetry, spectral imaging, 3D shape and volume, multiray for microtopography, fast measurements.

Capacity: as needed.

Color Sorting Machine for mink furs

Videometer and Kopenhagen Fur have developed a system for automated color sorting of mink. Color of mink is a very challenging task even for expert human sorters. Both hair color and wool color has to be assessed from a single image acquisition. There are very high requirements regarding accuracy and reproducibility. Hair length, hair density, and hair positioning must have minimal impact on the color measurement. The automated system is using the VideometerLine vision technology. Kopenhagen Fur has had Videometer spectral imaging systems running 24/7 during the season on eight lines since 2002. 

Other examples

  • Sealing inspection on medical devices and food products
  • 3D sizing and portioning of fish
  • Sorting of trout and salmon eggs
  • Pharmaceutical dispenser QC
  • Extruded product inspection
  • Surface inspection of building materials
  • Automotive parts inspection

Additional Information

Please refer to our data sheet: