VideometerLab 4

The VideometerLab 4 for spectral imaging of various productsVideometerLab4: spectral imaging as a complete analytical solution

Measure what you see - and beyond

The VideometerLab Instrument is Videometer's flagship instrument for multispectral image acquisition. It is used for reflectance imaging and optionally fluorescence and transmittance imaging. Together with the leading edge VideometerLab software it is used for both exploratory analysis, for calibration model construction and for routine quality control in a wide range of application areas. Videometer technology provides accuracy, robustness and highly reproducible measurements.

One complete and optimized solution

VideometerLab comes complete with hardware, software, installation, and training. Application knowledge for a wide range of domains are available in-house or through partners. After training you should be ready for your first routine protocols. All the parts of a VideometerLab have been optimized and tested together. Many sources of variation are already included in the calibration model and thus eliminated from your measurement. The system integrates:

  • Illumination:
    • 19 strobes with wavelengths 365-970 nm
    • Perfect integrating sphere for optimal light distribution
    • Minimized noise from shading and specular reflections
    • Extended dynamic range through strobed illumination
    • One optional illumination e.g. darkfield backlight, brightfield backlight, darkfield frontlight, UV strobe in the range 270-340 nm for fluorescence, customized sample holder with illumination
  • Camera:
    • 12.3 Mpix per wavelength
    • USB 3 or USB-C for optimal imaging speed
    • 30 µm/pixel
    • 90 mm x 90 mm field-of-view (optionally 90 mm x 123 mm for 96 well plates)
  • Data analysis:
    • Data-efficient machine learning algorithms that integrates application domain knowledge into the models
    • Artificial intelligence guides users towards the optimal settings
    • Models incorporate knowledge of image acquisition and variations originating from anything else than the sample are suppressed
    • High-level of transparency and peer reviewing. Currently more than 250 scientific papers have been published on the use of VideometerLab
  • Software:
    • Easy-to-use and powerful software 
    • Calibration wizard
    • Workflow control for easy setup of protocols
    • Open data formats
    • Integration with Videometer server and cloud database solutions (optional)
    • Telemetry solution for preventive maintenance (optional)
  • Automation and customization
    • ​Autofeeder for granular products
    • Autofeeder combined with robot sorter
    • Automatic feeding of petri dishes or other plates
    • Adaptation to larger plates and field-of-views
    • MIniaturization for microscopy, handheld devices, rhizotube imaging
    • Mechanical, control, and data integration into existing line
  • Application domain know-how
    • Over the years Videometer have performed a huge number of collaborations with domain experts in different field. We may have direct knowledge on your domain or we may have partners in your domian that we can establish contact to.
    • Videometer supports and recommends the formation of user groups: internationally, locally, or companywise depending on disclosure policies.

Fast, non-destructive, and versatile analysis

Most applications can harvest huge benefits from these three virtues of spectral imaging with VideometerLab. While the major applications areas are food-ag and pharma then we regularly get surprised about new applications areas. Below we describe some illustrative examples.

Application examples:

Videos: See how it works

See how VideometerLab systems and software works. Follow us on youtube if you want to benefit from our videos.

  • VideometerLab for at-line QC in maltery

  • VideometerLab quick start

  • VideometerLab with autofeeder

  • VideometerLab with autofeeder and robot sorting

  • Webinar from our UK sales partner

Documented and proven technology

Choose a technology and a solution provider that has been challenged by users and scientists and proven to meet the needs for performance and robustness. Spectral imaging is a key technology of the present and the future and it typically provides at least an order of magnitude better contrast than more traditional color imaging systems. Videometer has an unprecedented experience and track record for putting spectral imaging to work in everything from R&D laboratories to in-line production systems. Videometer developed advanced spectral imaging systems for 24/7 in-line sorting that have been in production since 2002. More than 300 scientific papers using Videometer systems have been published. See the documentation below and we invite you to contact us if you need further information.