Pharma and Cosmetics

VideometerLab Agile for hair and skin

  • In vivo measurements
  • Treatment effect
  • Efficacy
  • Safety evaluation

Pharmaceutical counterfeiting

Use VideometerLab to detect pharmaceutical counterfeit products. Both the product and the packaging can be checked and even minor diffrences - unnoticeable by the human eye - may be detected. 

Quality control of pharmaceutical powders

Pharmaceutical powders may be checked for size distribution of constituents, mixing homogeneity, foreign particles, and color.

Quality control of pharmaceutical tablets

Pharmaceutical tablets may be checked for mixing homogeneity, color, shape integrity, and coating. 

Quality control of pharmaceutical packaging

Phamaceutical packages may be checked for content (e.g. filled/empty blister pocket), integrity of content (e.g. broken tablet), sealing quality, color, labels, readability, and paper quality.