What drives you the most in your work at Videometer?

Every day at Videometer is challenging in a good way. 

We find our drive in the creation of state-of-the-art, high quality products, that we develop from start to finish. Our motivation lies beneath the idea that our work impacts, not only our customers, but also the world. Creating technologies with broad applications, such as food inspection, pharmaceutical counterfeits, and more, we aim at improving the different industries we touch upon.

Because of the complex and varied tasks we perform on a day-to-day basis, our team is composed by experienced, specialized and focused people, who are always willing to improve their skills and competencies. Our focus on improvement is what characterizes us at Videometer. It means that we can thrive as individuals and, especially, as a team. 

Videometer's heart and brain are its people. Together with our determination and experience we constantly encourage each other to be better professionals in the spectral imaging field. 

Join Our Team

As we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve as a whole, we are looking for new colleagues with a can-do-attitude to join our team. Experienced C# Software Developers, who share our values and motivations are welcome to apply for our new position today. Find more information about the opening in the following document:

Experienced C# software developer for imaging and vision applications

Send your CV and motivated application at

About Videometer

Videometer is a world leading provider of spectral imaging technology, machine learning and AI software for the analysis of a broad range of products. Our imaging instruments and turnkey solutions allow our worldwide customer base to see, detect, and measure product properties in an accurate, fast, versatile, and non-destructive manner.

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