Rapid and non-invasive estimation of meat microbiological quality

A new paper by a research group from Agricultual University of Athens, Greece, and University of Hertfordshire, UK, shows that combining spectral image features from the VideometerLab, FTIR spectroscopy features, and machine learning methodology provides a rapid, non-invasive and very promising technique for assessing microbiological quality of minced pork meat. 

Full text available.

Fengou, Lemonia & Mporas, Iosif & Spyrelli, Evgenia & Lianou, Alexandra & Nychas, George-John. (2020). Estimation of the Microbiological Quality of Meat using Rapid and Non-Invasive Spectroscopic Sensors. IEEE Access. PP. 1-1. 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3000690. 

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