Growth stimulation in maize measured by PhenoLab

New paper investigates water use efficiency via growth stimulation in both normal and drought conditions. The PhenoLab system at University of Copenhagen, Tåstrup, is used for high-throughput phenotyping. PhenoLab imaging is based on a VideometerLine implementation of VideometerLab functionality and includes spectral reflectance imaging as well as spectral fluorescence imaging. University of Copenhagen has four phenotyping platforms from Videometer at the Tåstrup site:

  1. VideometerLab for laboratory measurements
  2. PhenoLab for high-throughput phenotyping in the greenhouse (used in this paper)
  3. PhenoField for ground truthing on 1 meter by 1 meter plots in the field
  4. Radimax for rhizosphere imaging using multispectral mini-rhizotrons  


The paper is found here.

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