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Invitation to Blob tool & CDT workshop

The workshop will be held Wednesday 27th of May 2020 at Videometers premises in Herlev, DK.


Videometer summit 2020

A successful Videometer summit 2020 has just been held in the Videometer premises in Herlev. Sales team partners from around the world participated and were trained in the latest product updates.

fruit fly pupae quality.png

Quality control of fruit fly pupae

Pupae of the fruit fly, Anastrepha fraterculus, will be produced in a mass-rearing facility in southern Brazil. Spectral imaging with VideometerLab is shown to be a promising technology in a recent paper.


Videometer vision systems measure what you see with your eyes - and beyond. They are fast, non-destructive, versatile, and reproducible with world-leading accuracy. The accompanying Videometer software provides a unique variety of machine learning and AI spectral image analysis tools. Laboratory, at-line, on-line, and in-line systems are designed for quality assurance, process control, PAT, and product development.


Videometer delivers vision solutions to a wide range of application fields: food and feed, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, microbiology, cultural heritage, textiles and materials, and more.

Project Description

Pharma powders

Quality control of pharmaceutical powders

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