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Recent news


Quality assessment of fresh-cut pineapple

Spectral imaging with VideometerLab allows fast and versatile quality assessment of ready-to-eat pineapple. New scientific paper on food quality.


Maca adulteration detected with VideometerLab

Maca slices and powders are prone to adulteration with turnip. New paper shows that authenticity of maca products can be checked with spectral imaging.


Water status in dried mushrooms

Spectral imaging using VideometerLab determines water status in hot-air dried mushrooms. New scientific paper.


Videometer vision systems measure what you see with your eyes - and beyond. They are fast, non-destructive, versatile, and reproducible with world-leading accuracy. The accompanying Videometer software provides a unique variety of machine learning and AI spectral image analysis tools. Laboratory, at-line, on-line, and in-line systems are designed for quality assurance, process control, PAT, and product development.


Videometer delivers vision solutions to a wide range of application fields: food and feed, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, microbiology, cultural heritage, textiles and materials, and more.