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Recent news


Genetic purity assessment on pepper seed

New scientific paper shows the discrimination of pepper seed varieties using VideometerLab 4 combined with machine learning.


Medical device inspection with VideometerLine

Automated inspection for sealing integrity, holes, content, and print on sterile medical device packages combines the Videometer color imaging and Multiray technologies.


Rapid and non-invasive estimation of meat microbiological quality

Combining VideometerLab spectral images with FTIR spectroscopy shows great potential in new science paper.


Videometer vision systems measure what you see with your eyes - and beyond. They are fast, non-destructive, versatile, and reproducible with world-leading accuracy. The accompanying Videometer software provides a unique variety of machine learning and AI spectral image analysis tools. Laboratory, at-line, on-line, and in-line systems are designed for quality assurance, process control, PAT, and product development. Products are based on the following key technologies and combinations of these

  • VideometerLab spectral imaging: Based on multispectral and hyperspectral diffuse frontlight LED illumination it captures subtle properties originating in product color or surface chemistry
  • Subsurface Laser Scattering (SLS): Based on multispectral laserdiode illumination it captures subtle scattering and absorption properties 
  • Multiray: Based on multiple illumination geometries mapped into the same camera it captures physical surface properties like microtopography, gloss, particles, bubbles, and scratches
  • In-line: The VideometerLine platform can integrate one or more of the above techniques directly in the production line


Videometer delivers vision solutions to a wide range of application fields: food and feed, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, microbiology, cultural heritage, textiles and materials, and more.