Business management


Videometer was founded in 1999 by Jens Michael Carstensen and is currently owned by ProInvent Group Holding A/S and Maintec ApS. Videometer and ProInvent have shared  business management systems, office and laboratory facilities.

Videometer is a world-leading company within spectral imaging and we collaborate with research institutions, leading end-users, and universities specialized in spectral imaging and vision technology research, e.g. Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Videometer is cooperating with ProInvent in the area of automation, visual quality control and product development. The gathered knowledge and expertise of Videometer and ProInvent create important growth opportunities with an outstanding synergy that benefits their customers.

Board of Directors

 ·       Svend Bang Christiansen, Chairman

 ·       Per Hessen-Schmidt

 ·    Nette Schultz  

 ·    Svend-Aage Dreist Hansen


 ·         Leif Dalum, Managing Director

 ·         Jens Michael Carstensen, Technical Director


 ·         Videometer employs a group of engineers with a strong education on M.Sc.E./Ph.D. level in vision technology, automation, statistics or related fields.


 ·         Deloitte, Birkerød, certified accountant Keld Danielsen


 ·         Lawyer Torben Petersen


 ·         Danske Bank, Hørsholm